Tom is an acclaimed International Director and Creative Director, specialising in immersive theatre. He trained at Drama Centre London, graduating in 2010.

His work to date has spearheaded the immersive theatrical identity and experiences. He recently directed Doctor Who: Time Fracture at Immersive | Everywhere. Tom is co-creator of the UK’s longest running immersive theatre show ‘The Great Gatsby’.

Tom has been part of Secret Cinema’s creative team for the past 7 years, directing Dr Strangelove, 28 Days Later, Blade Runner, Romeo + Juliet and  Casino Royale which opened in London 2019 and transferred to Shanghai 2020.

He recently returned from directing Arcane: Enter The Undercity, a new groundbreaking show based on the world of League of Legends in partnership with Riot Games which opened in LA in November 2021.

He is also a co-founder of The Immersive Ensemble, who are renowned for creating ground-breaking shows such as The Drop Off.

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